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"Part 1"

[—Hell—] Shinigami A : Wow, a pair of sleeping skulls. Shinigami B : Hehe. I win again. No hard feelings, right? Shinigami A : Hey there, Ryuk. Would it kill you to join us? You should come play with us for a change. Ryuk : No, I’ll pass. [—Classroom—] Teacher : Listen for the voice of God then follow it, and know that in time you will find your salvation. Teacher : Yagami, are you still with us? Can you please translate the following sentence into English? Light: Follow the teaching of God and receive his blessings, and so it shall be that the seas will again become bountiful, and the raging storms will subside. [—Outside—] News1 : Today, at approximately 11 am, a 32 years old man was found stabbed to death in his apartment in the city of Yokohama Kanagawa prefecture. Kanagawa police are treating this case as homicide. News2 : In other news. Today’s suspected murder, Naoki Kokujo, was arrested in the district Shibuya Tokyo. He is being held in custody facing a murder charges for the brutal slaying of his common law partner, who was only 25 at the time of death. Light : Day in and day out. The same news on permanent repeat. Luke : This is all so ridiculous. Light : This world is rotten. [[=== “REBIRTH" ===]] [—Classroom—] Teacher : Another noticeable consequence is the extinction of many species on the planet. Species are now becoming extinct at a faster rate than has ever occurred in our recorded history. [—Outside—] Light : Death note? As in a notebook of death? How to use it. The human whose name is written in this notebook shall die. Hum, it’s pretty lame, not to mention twisted. It’s really not that different from one of those chain-letters you get. The human whose name is written in this notebook shall die? C’mon. Light : There must be something wrong with me to even consider it. Light : This note will not take effect unless the writer has the person’s face in their mind when writing his/her name. Therefore, people sharing the same name will not be affected. If the cause of death is written within 40 seconds of writing the person’s name, it will happen. If the cause of death is not specified, the person will simply die of a heart attack. After writing the cause of death, details of the death should be written in the next 6 minutes and 40 seconds. So, depending on the person you have in mind, you can either kill them easily or painfully, huh? This is pretty detailed for a prank, I’ll give them that. Light : So, I write in a name and that person dies, like anyone would believe that. Light : Wait. On the off chance someone really dies, would that make me a murderer? Yeah, right. It’s completely impossible. Announcer : The same assailant who attacked 6 people at busy shopping district in Shinjuku yesterday has struck again, taking 8 people hostage at this daycare center. His captors include both children and teachers. The police have now identified the suspect as 42 year old Kuroh Otoharada, currently unemployed. We expect negotiations to begin immediately. Light : Hmmm… a heart attack in 40 seconds. We’ll see. Announcer : At the present time, that’s all the police are telling us. Female announcer : You can’t help but feel concerned for the safety of those hostages. Announcer : You’re absolutely right. We’ll continue to monitor the situation from here. Female announcer : Thank you for that report. What do you make of this, Mr. Hashimoto? Hashimoto : Well, one can only hope for a quick resolution to this situation. Light : Looks like the notebook doesn’t work. Oh, well. I didn’t expect it to, anyway. Female announcer : Wait. We are seeing something here. Looks like movement at the front entrance. Announcer : The hostages are coming out. And they all look to be unharmed! The special forces are taking action, they are moving in! We don’t know if the suspect’s been arrested. Huh? Yes? OK, we now have confirmation. The suspect has been found dead inside. I repeat, the suspect is now dead! Light : Dead? Announcer : The special forces are denying allegations that they shot the suspect. Female announcer : So it’s quite possible he was feeling cornered and decided to commit suicide? Announcer : According to the statement of the hostages, the suspect just suddenly collapsed. Light : A heart attack? No way. It’s coincidence. This has to be a coincidence. Mom : Light! It’s already 6:30, you know. Don’t you have cram school tonight? Light : Yeah. I’ll be ready in just a sec. Light : Death note. It’s unlikely but if by chance this thing’s for real? I have to test it one more time. In which case, it should probably be another criminal. But…if he’s too well-known, that’ll be a problem. If he dies, there’s a good possibility that news of his death would be covered up. I need to see results right away. [—Cram school—] Sudo : Hey, Ryo, buddy. Ryo : Oh, what is it, Sudo? Sudo : Didn’t you want to lend me 20 dollars? Ryo : Mmm. Again? But I can’t do that. Light : Sudo. Maybe I should try killing him? No. I should definitely avoid killing people I know. Then again, does it even really matter? I mean, would anyone really care if a guy like him was to disappear one day? Sudo : Sweet! Looks Iike we will be hangin’ at the arcade after school. [—Outside—] Girl A : We have a speed-dating party tomorrow. You wanna come? Girl B : Yeah. Of course. There’s no way I’m missing that. Boy : Damn it! Why is my mom so useless? She’s never here to pick me up on time. Light : Once you actually start looking around, it makes you wonder if you’d be doing society a favor by getting rid of all these people. Shibuimaru : Hey, baby! Where ya goin’? Come and have a 'lil fun with us. Punk : That’s our Taku for ya. This guy could spot a hottie a mile away. Shibuimaru : What’s up, 'lil lady? The name’s Takuo Shibuimaru. Whaddaya say? Come hang out with us, pretty lady. Girl : Please. I don’t want any trouble. Punk : You hear that? She doesn’t want trouble. Shibuimaru : Isn’t that cute! Girl : Ah…No… Shibuimaru : Let’s go, boys. Strip her down right here. Punk : What? Are you sure? Girl : No. Stop. Please. Stop it!! Shibuimaru : Ahh. Light : Now. What will happen? Shibuimaru : Hey, wait up! Punk : Takuo, look out! Light : That settles it. The Death Note. It’s for real. Punk : Oh man! Takuo! Driver : Stupid case! He just came out of nowhere! [—Hell—] Ryuk : Now then. I’d better get going. [[===Break===]] [—Hell—] Ryuk : It’s been 5 days. Now then. I’d better get going. Shinigami A : You headed somewhere, Ryuk? Shinigami B : Hate to tell you, but a whole world looks like this. Ryuk : That’s true but I’ve dropped my Death Note. Shinigami A : Haha, you really messed things up, didn’t you? Shinigami B : Hold on a sec, didn’t you already trick the old man to get a second book? Don’t tell me you dropped both of them. Shinigami A : You must have some idea where you dropped the thing? Ryuk : Yeah. The human world. Shinigami A&B : What? [—Home—] Mom : What a nice surprise. I wasn’t expecting you home so early. Light : Yeah. Hi, Mom, it’s because…oh… the results of the nationwide exams. Mom : I’ve been waiting all day. Light : Here. Mom : Goodness! No.1 again! These are the highest scores you’ve had. Light : Yeah, I guess. I’m going to study in my room, so please don’t interrupt me, OK? Mom : As you wish. Oh, Light. Do you want anything at all, dear? You can ask for whatever you like. Light : No, I’m fine, Mom. Thanks, though. [—Light’s Room—] Light : I’ve already got what I want. Light : Haha.. Ryuk : You’ve taken quite a liking to it. Light : Oh Ryuk : No reason to act surprised. I am the Shinigami Ryuk. That used to be my notebook. Judging by your laughter, you’ve already figured out that what you have is no ordinary notebook. Light : Shinigami. A God of Death, huh? Well, I’m not surprised. In fact, Ryuk, I’ve been waiting for you. Ryuk : Oh? Light : I’ve already figured out that this Death Note I found is real. It didn’t take me long. And now that I’ve witnessed the proof of its power, I only feel more confident what I’m gonna do. Ryuk : That’s interesting. I certainly wasn’t expecting this. Several Death Notes have made their way into the human world in the past, but you are the first to have written this many names. Look at how many people you’ve killed in only 5 days. Most are reluctant to write this much. Light : I’ve already prepared myself, Ryuk. I used the notebook even though I knew it belonged to a Shinigami. And now that Shinigami has come, so what will happen to me? You’re here to take my soul, right? Ryuk : Hm? What do you mean? Is that some fantasy you humans came up with? I’m not gonna do anything to you. Light : Huh? Ryuk : The notebook becomes part of the human realm from the very moment it touches the earth. In other words, the notebook is now yours. Light : This is mine? Ryuk : If you don’t want it, just give it to someone else, but if you give it away, I’d have no choice but to erase your memories of the notebook. Light : So then you are saying I can use the Death note all I want and won’t be punished? Ryuk : Let’s just say this; you will feel the fear and pain known only to humans who’ve used the notebook. And when it’s your time to die, it will fall on me to write your name in my Death Note. Be warned any human who used the Death Note can neither go to heaven nor hell for eternity. That’s all, hahaha… Now you have something to look forward to after you die. Mom : Light? Ryuk : It will be all right. Answer it. Light : What is it? Mom : I thought you’d like some apples. The neighbor’s brought them over for us. Why on earth is it so dark in your room? You’ll ruin your eyesight. Light : (What’s going on? Mom can’t see him?) Ryuk : That notebook you found originally belonged to me. And since you’re now using it, you are the only one who is able to see me. And of course my voice can only be heard by you. In other words, the Death Note is the bond between Light the human and Ryuk the Shinigami. Mmmmm. Yum! Light : I just have one more question I wanna ask you. Why was I chosen for this? Hey, are you even listening? Ryuk : Apples in the human world are worth the trip. What’s the best way to describe these? Juicy? Light : Just answer my question. Ryuk : Ha, I didn’t choose you. Don’t you see this is all just an accident? You actually thought you were chosen because you’re so smart or something? Don’t be so vain. It just happened to fall around here and you just happened to pick it up. And that’s all there is to it. That’s why I wrote the instructions in English, the most popular language in the human world. Light : Then why did you drop it in the first place? You even wrote down specific instructions. So don’t try to tell me this was an accident. Ryuk : You are asking me why? I did it 'cause I was bored. Light : You were bored? Ryuk : The truth is, Shinigami haven’t got much to do these days. Most of the time we’re either taking naps or gambling. If you take the time to write names in your Death Note, the others will just laugh at you for working so hard. Even if you wrote the name of another Shinigami, it would be pointless because they wouldn’t die. And since we live in the Shinigami realm, it brings us no amusement to kill those in the human world either. So I figured I’d have more fun if I came down here myself. Anyway, I am surprised at how many names you’ve written. But I want to know why you only wrote the cause of death for that guy who was hit by the truck. Light : If you don’t write down the cause of death, the victim dies of a heart attack. And that’s probably the best thing about the Death Note. Light : Hey, Ryuk. Ryuk : Hm? Light : You see, I’ve already exhausted the list of the world major criminals. And eventually I’m gonna get rid of them all. Ryuk : What’s the point of doing that? Light : It’s only a matter of time before people figure out that these criminals are being eliminated by someone. I want the world to know of my existence; that there’s someone out there passing righteous judgement on the wicked. Ryuk : Why even bother? What are you trying to achieve by passing judgement on them? I mean, why do you care? Light : Because I’ve been bored, too. I wasn’t ready to believe it at first. But it’s obvious now. There is something about the death note itself that makes humans want to try it out at least once. [—Flashback—] Light : I killed them both. I real… I’d killed two men. Those were human lives. It won’t be overlooked. Besides, who am I to pass judgment on others? No, no, wait, maybe I’m wrong. This is exactly what I’ve been thinking about lately. This world is rotting. And those who are making it rot deserve to die. Someone has to do it, so why not me? Even if it means sacrificing my own mind and soul, it’s worth it. Because the world can’t go on like this. Light : I wonder… what if someone else had picked up this notebook, is there anyone out there other than me who’d be willing to eliminate the vermin from the world? If I don’t do it, then who will? That’s just it, there’s no one. But I can do it. In fact, I’m the only one who can. I’ll do it. Using the death note, I’ll change the world. [—Light’s room—] Light : At first I wrote the names of the worst criminals I can think of, like I was cleaning up the world, one name at a time so that eventually, no one will ever do anything evil again. And while the truly guilty ones who deserve to be punished for their crimes die of heart attacks, the people who are less guilty but who still make trouble for others will slowly be erased through disease and accidental death. Then, and only then, the world will start moving in the right direction. It’ll be a new world free of injustice and populated by people who I’ve judged to be honest, kind and hardworking. Ryuk : But if you did that, it would make you the only bad person left. Light : Huh? I have no idea what you are talking about. I’m a hardworking honor student who is considered to be one of Japan’s best and brightest. Light : And I, I will become the god of this new world. Ryuk : It’s just as I thought. Humans are so interesting.

"Part 2"

Light The human whose name is written in this notebook shall die… Flashback to Light killing Takuo Takuo [Laughs] Woo! Lady Help me! Light Now… what will happen? Takuo is killed by a truck. Light The Death Note, it's for real! Flashback changes to Light encountering Ryuk, where Light screams and falls after seeing him Ryuk Any human who's used a Death Note can neither go to heaven nor hell for eternity. Light I want the world to know of my existence. That there's someone passing righteous judgement on the wicked! And I… I will become the God of this New World! Flashback commences then switches to present time English teacher He found himself overwhelmed with happiness and satisfaction, [Girl talking: I have no idea what he was thinking coming to my house, but I am so through with him.] [Boy: Seriously? So what happened with your dad after that?] knowing that, at long last, his dream had finally come true. Alright then. Yagami? Please recite this line for us. Light stands up. Light Sure. Having finally made his dream a reality, he was overwhelmed. Both by the magnitude of his achievement, and by the joy and happiness that it brought him. Light sits back down. English teacher That was very well done, but I'm not surprised, of course. Absolutely flawless. Very good. Well then, we'll leave it at that for today. The students groan and get up from their seats. The bell rings. Ryuk [Outside] I thought it'd never end. How do you do this every day? It's so boring here. Hey, where're you going? Hey, Light! Are you listening to me? Light [Quietly] Don't talk to me. Unlike you, people can still hear me when I talk out loud. Ryuk Heh, well aren't you boring. Young man Hey, what's up, Light? We were just going to head down to the— Light Sorry, I'm a little busy today. Ryuk You don't have anything to do. Aren't you just going to go home and hang out in your room, as usual? Light What are you talking about? Of course I have something to do. Yes, something very important. Scene change. A news broadcast is playing on the TV in Light's bedroom. Light is writing names down in his Death Note. News Reporter There was more violence across the city today. Another stabbing, this time at a restaurant in the heart of the Kabuki-cho district of Shinjuku. Ryuk sits on Light's bed, munching on an apple. Ryuk [Bites an apple] Mmm. Hey, Light. [Swallows] I'm talking to you. Light What is it? Ryuk Why are you working so hard? Light I can't afford to waste any time. I have a very small window to write names in this notebook. I only have from when I get home from school until I go to bed. I still need to sleep so I can maintain my average and stay at the top of my class. Obviously, I can't be sleeping in class. Plus, there's all the studying at home and at cram school. I can't let myself get too tired. It will start to affect my health and my mental performance. If I'm serious about trying to create an ideal world that's free from evil then I need to make the most of my time. The door knob turns then clicks as it stops. Sayu Huh? Weird. Hey, Light, what's going on? Why is your door locked? Light It's Sayu. What is it? Sayu Can you help me with my homework? Light Uh, yeah. Okay. Light puts the Death Note in his desk drawer and goes to open the door. Sayu We're doing quadratic equations in math. Sorry to interrupt. I know you're studying right now, but I'm like the only person in my class who doesn't get this stuff. Thanks so much! Light No problem. Ryuk I'd be careful if I were you. If anyone else touches that notebook you've got hidden in the drawer right now, they'll be able to see me too. Light [Thinking] Huh, he waits till now to mention that important detail?! Damn Shinigami. Sayu What's wrong? Are you alright? Light Hm? It's nothing. So what exactly don't you understand? What are you stuck on? Sayu Um…well…I think all of it. Scene change to ICPO headquarters. Delegate 1 There have been fifty-two deaths that we're aware of, and that's just in the past week. Delegate 2 Every single one of them involved a heart attack. Delegate 1 They were all criminals who were either being held in prison or who were wanted by police for outstanding crimes. And I think it's safe to say there are other criminals whose deaths are unaccounted for. Delegate 3 In which case the death toll could be well over 100. Matsuda Uh… morning, Chief. They started the meeting without you. Soichiro That's fine. I had to take an urgent call from headquarters. Delegate 2 At any rate, these were criminals who were probably facing execution sooner or later. Perhaps we shouldn't be— Delegate 1 Why should it matter if it's a criminal or someone innocent?! Last time I checked, murder was still murder! Delegate 3 It's still too early to consider these a homicide. Delegate 1 Then how did all these people have heart attacks at the exact same time?! That's not coincidence, it's murder! Delegate 3 You think it's possible to simultaneously kill all these people in different locations? Delegate 4 We're treating this as an elaborate murder plot that's been carried out by a large organization. Delegate 5 If it is a large organization, I'm sure I'm not alone in suspecting the FBI or CIA. Delegate 6 [Off-screen] I dare you to say that again! Delegate 7 Now, now, this is not the time to be joking around! We need to confirm that these are indeed homicides and not coincidences! Delegate 3 How? Autopsy results show that in all of these cases, the victims died of a sudden heart attack. Delegate 4 Investigating a series of heart attacks is pointless. I don't see what else we can learn. Delegate 5 Absolutely. If these people had been shot or stabbed, at least we'd have something to go on. Delegate 1 If that's the case, it looks as if we'll have no choice but to bring in L. The room quiets down and people begin murmuring amongst themselves. Matsuda Uh, Chief. What's this "L" they're talking about? Soichiro Right, I forgot that it's your first time at this conference. We don't know L's real name or whereabouts. In fact, we still don't even know what he looks like. However, he's managed to solve every case he's ever taken on. And he's tackled some of the greatest mysteries this world has even known. He hides in the shadows, but he's the best of the best. A last resort. Our trump card. Delegate 8 But I've heard this "L" is extremely arrogant and has tended to only take on cases that he's personally interested in. Delegate 9 That's exactly right! Besides, we don't even know how to contact him! Watari L is already on the move. The room goes quiet as Watari enters, hidden in a black trench coat and hat. Watari Gentlemen, L has already begun his investigation into these incidents. Matsuda Huh? Who's that? Soichiro That man's the only known person who can contact L. Nobody knows his true identity either. Watari Please be silent. L would now like to address the delegates. Watari opens a laptop. L (voice altered via voice distorter) Greetings to all of you at the ICPO. I…am L. Scene change. The camera pans across the outside of a run-down building. Ryuk [Inside] What are we doing here anyway? I don't understand why we're sneaking around this dump. Tell me. Light Isn't it obvious? Anyone who touches the Death Note will be able to see you. I can't afford to carry something this dangerous with me anymore. Up until now, I thought that if my family ever saw the notebook, I can tell them I was keeping records of various criminals in preparation for becoming a detective one day. But I'm walking a very fine line right now. I don't want to think about it, but if I make one mistake, I might end up killing my own family. Light mixes two liquids which then ignite. Scene change back to ICPO headquarters. L The difficulty of this case lies on its unprecedented scope. And make no mistake. We are witnessing an atrocious act of mass murder, one that is unforgivable. This case cannot be solved without the full cooperation of the ICPO. That is all of the police organizations you represent throughout the world. You need to make the decision to fully support the investigation at this meeting. Also, I require additional cooperation from Japan's National Police Agency. Soichiro Huh? What? Why Japan in particular? L Whether the guilty party is an individual or a group, there's a strong possibility that they are Japanese. And even if they are not, we can be sure they're hiding in Japan. Soichiro What is all this based on? L Why Japan, you ask? I think I will be able to provide you with proof of that after I directly confront the culprit. Soichiro A direct confrontation? L At any rate, I would like to set up the investigation headquarters in Japan. Scene change. Light's room. Light relaxes into his desk chair. Light That was easier to make than I thought it'd be. Ryuk Huh? Does that mean you were able to hide the notebook? Light Yeah. I hid it right here in this drawer. Ryuk But it doesn't seem to be particularly well hidden. You left the key in the lock. Light And that's the whole point. I intentionally left the key in the most noticeable place I could think of. Light opens the drawer, revealing a brown leather diary. Ryuk Isn't that just a regular diary? Light That's what it is. I'm guessing that once most people find the diary inside my desk, that'll probably satisfy their curiosity. But the real key is this. Just an everyday item you'd expect to find lying around on my desk. A regular ball-point pen, and all I need is this part. He removes the ink reservoir of the pen. Ryuk So that's the key? Light Yeah. If you look closely, you'll find there's a small hole underneath the drawer. Then you just insert this. Light inserts the ink filler into the hole. It lifts up the bottom of the drawer, revealing the Death Note in the real drawer. Ryuk Aha. A fake bottom. The diary will distract most people so I doubt anyone will find it. Light But that's not all. Ryuk Oh? Light Even if someone figures out there's a fake base, I've set things up so that there's no way they could get their hands on the notebook. You see, once the ink reservoir is inserted, it accesses an insulator, preventing the flow of electricity around this circuit. When the fake base of the drawer's put back, this piece of rubber also prevents the flow of electricity. However, if someone were to try and force the bottom of the drawer open, the circuit would connect and now would ignite the gasoline contained in this thin plastic casing, instantly setting the notebook on fire. The way I’ve got it set up, all the evidence will be completely destroyed. If I'm ever questioned, I'd say that I was hiding the real diary because I didn't want anyone to see it. It sounds like a pretty believable excuse. I mean, it is my diary after all. Ryuk I've heard of humans finding Death Notes in the past and typically the biggest problem they had was finding a good place to hide it. But you, Light, you're probably the first to have given it this much thought. Though, it's a pretty risky setup from the look of it. If you make even the slightest mistake, you could be badly burned. Light Risky? You say the strangest thing sometimes, Ryuk. This whole thing has been a risk since the very beginning, from the moment I obtained the Death Note. I'm sorry, but compared to that, this doesn't even qualify as a risk to me. In fact, it actually protects me. It all comes down to a choice: would I prefer to be executed or deal with a little house fire? Commercial break Scene change to Daikoku Private Academy. Announcer Last night in the West Tokyo penitentiary, Naoki Koro Kitayama, originally sentenced to fifteen years for armed robbery, was reported to have died of a sudden heart attack at the age of thirty-two. This is just the most recent death in the steadily growing number of cases involving inmates dying of heart attacks. Student 1 This is unbelievable. Criminals are dropping like flies lately. Student 2 It's a little scary, but at the same time, it's kind of cool. Student 1 Sure. Just make sure you don't do anything bad. Student 3 I won't be surprised if the police were behind this. Student 2 No way. The police don't have that kind of power. Student 1 Don't you know about him? Student 3 Huh? About who? Student 1 Kira. You know, Kira. Student 4 I wonder who's gonna be killed next. Scene change to Light's room. Light looks at his computer. Light Ryuk, you should check this out. Ryuk Huh? Ryuk moves to stand behind Light. Light Websites like this are popping up everywhere lately. Ryuk The Legend of Kira the Savior. Huh. Sounds pretty cool. Is this about you? Light Yeah. I think they've taken the name "Kira" from the English word "killer." Can't say I'm too happy about that, but it looks like that's the name they've decided to give me. When I search the word Kira, I'm pulling up tons of sites just like this one. The media hasn't picked up on it. They're still calling this a succession of unexplained deaths among the world's most hardened criminals. But…the people of the world can already sense that there's something happening. They know there's someone out there passing righteous judgment. Ryuk Oh? Light Human beings are like that, Ryuk. Ryuk Huh. Light Although this would probably never happen in school, let's say that students were asked to discuss whether bad people deserve to die. Well, you can bet that everyone will give the politically correct answer. Scene change to Daikoku Private Academy. Girl It's just wrong to kill people. Scene change. Back to Light's room. Light That's what they are bound to say. Of course, that's the correct response to give, right? Humans are always trying to maintain appearances when they're in public. That's just how we are. But this is how they really feel. Most are too afraid to support me as they're worried about what others would think. Many would rather deny my existence. But on the Internet, where you can remain anonymous, support for Kira is growing. Maybe people are afraid to say it out loud, but they all understand what's happening. Someone's making the bad guys disappear one by one. Those who have done no wrong are cheering for Kira in their hearts because they have nothing to fear, while those who have done wrong are on the run. They are forced to hide from an unknown enemy. This is how it should be. It's perfect. Everything is going just like I planned. Time change. Later that afternoon in Light's room. TV Announcer We'd like to apologize for the interruption. As of now, we're bringing you a live worldwide broadcast from Interpol, ICPO. Ryuk Hm? What's this? Light Interpol? TV Announcer We now take you live to the ICPO. Lind L. Tailor I head up an International Police Task Force which includes all member nations. I am Lind L. Tailor, otherwise known as L. Light Huh? Who is this guy? Scene change to the Japan National Police Agency headquarters. Soichiro So this is how it all begins. Matsuda But, sir, I don't get it. He's never actually shown his face before, right? Why would he choose to do it now? Soichiro It must mean L's serious about this. Matsuda Hm. Soichiro [Thinking] L, we've followed every single one of your orders. Now, it's time for you to prove what you said to the ICPO. Scene change to Light's room. Lind L. Tailor (on television screen) Criminals around the world are being murdered by a serial killer. I consider this crime to be the most atrocious act of murder in history. I will not rest until the person or persons responsible are brought to justice. Kira, I will hunt you down. I will find you. Ryuk He seems certain he'll catch you. Light Hm. That fool. He'll never find me. [Picks up the Death Note and stands] He'll have to get this first. And as long as the police don't find it, there won't be any evidence to convict me, which means catching me will be absolutely impossible. [Relaxes in his chair] I anticipated that the police would get involved and that something like this might happen. Lind L. Tailor Kira, I've got a pretty good idea what your motivation might be, and I can guess what you hope to achieve. However, what you're doing right now is evil. Light gasps and stands up. Light You think…I'm evil? I am justice! I protect the innocent and those who fear evil! I'm the one who will become the god of a new world that everyone desires! All those who oppose that god, they are the ones who are truly evil! Light opens the Death Note and readies a pen. He looks back up at the television. Light I guess you're just too stupid, L. Too bad. This could've been a lot more interesting if you'd only been a bit smarter. Light writes Lind L. Tailor's name in large letters and laughs maniacally. He looks back at the screen. Light I'll show the world what happens when you cross me. The entire world is watching…L. Light glances at his watch. Light Five more seconds. The second hand on the watch ticks audibly as Light counts down. The camera changes between the two scenes. Light Four…three…two…one… Lind L. Tailor collapses, dead. Light gasps then laughs maniacally. Light What's wrong? You've got nothing else to say? Two suited men with black sunglasses remove Lind L. Tailor's body from view as Light continues to laugh. L's symbol suddenly flashes on screen, silencing Light. L (through voice modifier) Ah. I had to test this, just in case, but I-I never thought it would actually happen. Kira…it seems you can kill people without having to be there in person. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't just witnessed it. Listen to me, Kira. If you did, indeed, kill Lind L. Tailor, the man who you just saw die on television, I should tell you that he was an inmate whose execution was scheduled for today. That was not me. Light What? L The police arrested him in absolute secrecy, so you wouldn't have heard of him on TV or through the internet. It appears not even you have access to information about these types of criminals. Ryuk laughs and looks at Light. Ryuk He got you there. The scene changes between L's symbol and the hidden face of a man speaking into a microphone. L But I assure you, L is real. I do exist. Now…try to kill me! Scene change to Light's room. Light You…you bastard! Scene change to Japan National Police Agency headquarters. L still challenging Kira. L What's wrong? Go ahead! Come on, right now! Kill me! Officer 1 What the hell is going on? L is taking this too far. Officer 2 Are you trying to kill yourself, L?! Scene change to the city center. People have gathered around large screen, listening to L's challenge. Bystander 1 What's going on? Bystander 2 Look, it's Kira versus L! Bystander 3 Huh? What? The crowd begins to murmur. Bystander 4 This is freaky. Bystander 5 Amazing. Bystander 6 Do it, Kira! Bystander 7 Someone, stop this! Bystander 8 What's the matter?! Scene change to Light's room. L Can't you do it? Light stares at the TV incredulously. L Well Kira, it seems you can't kill me after all. Ryuk laughs once again. Scene change to the man with the microphone, L. L So there are some people you can't kill. You've given me a useful hint. Scene change to Light's room. L Let me return the favor. I'll tell you something that I think you'll find interesting. Although this was announced as a worldwide broadcast, the truth is, we are only broadcasting in the Kanto region of Japan. I had planned to broadcast this message around the world until we found you, but it looks like that won't be necessary. I know now where you are. Ryuk [Laughs] This L guy is pretty good. L The police treated your first killing as an unrelated incident, but in actuality, the first of your victims was a suspect in Sinjuku. Flashback to the scene of the incident. L Of all the criminals that recently died of heart attacks, this one's crime was, by far, the least serious. Furthermore, his crime was only ever reported inside Japan. Present day. Scene change to L's location. L I used that information to deduce this much. You are in Japan and your first victim was little more than an experiment, which means you haven't been killing for very long. Light gasps. Scene change to the city center. L We decided to broadcast in Kanto first because of its large population, and, luckily, we found you. Scene change to Japan National Police Agency headquarters. L To be completely honest with you, I never expected that things would go this well, but…it won't be too long now before I am able to sentence you to death. Matsuda L has…certainly lived up to his reputation. Soichiro Mmhmm. He proved that Kira exists, that the deaths were murders, and that he is here in Japan. Scene change to Light's room. L Naturally, I am very interested to know how you're able to commit these murders without being present…but I don't mind waiting a little bit longer. [Scene change to L's location.] You can answer all of my questions when I catch you… Let's meet again soon, Kira. Scene change to Light's room. The broadcast cuts out and leaves the screen snowy, a fuzzy sound filling the quiet room. Light Really? He's gonna sentence me to death? Sounds interesting. I accept your challenge, L. Ryuk [Thinking] Each of them has to hunt down the other without knowing the other's name or face. And the first one whose identity is revealed will die. Humans are so much fun. The scene constantly changes between Light's room and L's location. Light L… L Kira… Split screen. Both Light and L I will hunt you down wherever you're hiding and I will eliminate you! Light I am… L I am… Both Justice! Ending credits Next episode preview Light I'm not the one who's going to find L. I can let the police do that for me. And when they do, that's when I'll eliminate him! Looks like I may be able to provide you with more entertainment, Ryuk.